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GEAR HEAVY Gear Heavy utilises EP (extreme pressure) additives and is recommended for all shaft drive units. API GL-5 SAE 80W/90. Available in 1L / 4L / 20L
GP10 GEAR OIL Putoline GP10 Synthetic 2 Stroke gear oil represents the very latest in gear oil technology. It ensures a substantial reduction in friction loss and the heat it generates, thereby releasing maximum power at the rear wheel. Although Putoline GP gear oils have been developed specifically for racing applications, it can be used in road machines also. API GL-4 SAE 75W/80. Available in 1L / 4L / 20L

GPR6 RACING SHOCK OIL GPR 6 Synthetic Racing Shock Oil has been developed for pure competition purposes using the very latest in additive technology. These special additives, give the oil excellent lubricating properties, reducing friction and therefore improving contact between tyre and track. These additives also prevent foaming therefore making it easier and quicker to bleed the shock-absorber. The viscosity of the oil remains stable throughout the whole temperature range and eliminates damping loss. Available 1L

HPX RACING FORK OIL Putoline HPX Synthetic suspension fluid is formulated from special, highly refined, synthetic blended base oils. The addition of the most advanced additives produces a high-tech, top quality product for use at Grand-Prix level. HPX suspension fluid prevents corrosion, oxidation, leaking seal rings and foaming. HPX suspension fluid particularly suitable for machines used in high performance street, Moto-X, Road Racing and Enduro applications, whether it's cross country races, road racing, enduro racing, trails or off-the-road racing. Putoline HPX suspension fluid is particularly suitable for monoshock, due to its very high VI. Available in 1L / 20L Formula GP SAE 10 is a high quality front fork oil. The product is based on modern additives which give the product the following properties:
Excellent lubricating properties
Reduces friction
Better contact between tire and road
Beginning foaming
Stable viscosity
Prevents damping losses Formula GP SAE 10 is specifically designed for competitive purposes.

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