GOLDfren only manufactures sintered brake pads. Our Sintered brake pads contain metal-ceramic and ceramic-carbon friction materials which allow for less friction material dust and a much quieter braking experience by generating a frequency beyond the human hearing range.

Our sintered brake pads are manufactured with a modern method of powder metallurgy. Our proven manufacturing technology and essential quality control system ensures reaching the required material properties, namely high thermal, mechanical endurance and high friction coefficient for the greatest braking effect and longevity even under the heaviest braking conditions.

We use “non-aggressive” materials on our brake pads making sure that high friction levels are achieved while ensuring rotor wear and tear levels are kept to a minimum. The materials used are environmentally friendly, and DO NOT contain any of the following harmful materials: lead, asbestos, fibreglass or formaldehydes.

GOLDfren has earned the highly sought-after TÜV certification for all of our product lines. The respected German agency is the gold standard in the world for technical control and testing to ensure quality and approval in terms of performance, durability, reliability, ease of installation and functional integration with original equipment.

355 products

355 products