The Company

RMSTATOR was founded in 1993 following Roger Masson’s desire to increase the performance and reliability of his Powersports vehicles and word soon got out to local garages and repair shops. Shortly afterwards he was joined by his childhood friend and current business partner, Sean Yates, who brought with him a vast experience in sales and customer service. Together, these two Powersports enthusiasts stormed the electronic parts and components industry.

The Products

RMSTATOR is specialized in designing and manufacturing innovative electrical and electronic components for Powersports vehicles like motorcycles, ATV, SxS, UTV, snowmobiles, and PWC. Through unrelenting quality control, RMSTATOR ensure that each component meets or exceeds the OEM specs.

Back to the Basics

Every business has its origins. Some more modest than others. RMSTATOR’s were very humble. A single man in a trailer, winding stators. Each day, the sewing machine in our office's entrance reminds us of our roots. Where does the sewing machine fit in the story, you ask? Well, humble beginnings may represent humble means, yet imagination and curiosity go a long way. An old Singer sewing machine could very well become a useful tool for an aspiring entrepreneur. That’s exactly what our crafty and innovative president thought. He took that sewing machine, replaced a few parts, tweaked a few things and used it to wind his coils. From this simple tool, sprouted a great and ever-growing company.

Even though the sewing machine is now a relic of RMSTATOR’s past, it still tells an authentic story of passion, perseverance, innovation and expertise. All important core values cherished now as much as they were back then.

467 products

467 products