KRÖNYO United Co. Ltd. is a worldwide professional brand of tyre repair kits and tube adhesives. A brand name established via investment of Hsuan Hau Enterprise Co. Ltd., which is a leading professional manufacturer in Taiwan specialising in aluminium tube production and filling as well as in the manufacture of a variety of adhesives.

KRÖNYO united Co. Ltd is named after founder Lin Kuanyo. By using the pronunciation of his Chinese name, it becomes Kronyo. KRÖNYO produce and manufacture glues, repairing tools and other products relating to bicycle, car and motorcycle tyre/tube repair.

KRÖNYO products are all constructed using automated machinery manufacturing and a series of one-stop services, from raw materials, production, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, all in Taiwan.

KRÖNYO made in Taiwan, the only worthy choice for tyre and tube repair.

9 products

9 products