Trail Tech Fan Kit KTM 250/350/450 XC-F / SX-F '16-'17


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The Trail Tech TTO Temperature Switching Fan Kit, Motorcycle Radiators, KTM 2016-2018 monitors your KTM cooling system performance and automatically activates the fan to keep the engine at the optimum temperature range.


  • Physical Dimensions: 210 x 120 x 85mm (8.2 x 4.7 x 3.3")
    • Note: This will vary by fan kit.
  • Weight: 23 oz. (652g)
  • Digital Display: Trail Tech TTO Fan Controller
  • Screen Size: 23.7 x 13.6mm (0.93 x 0.53in)
  • Air Flow: 147 CFM
  • Power Requirements: 12V DC only
  • Amp Draw: 3 Amps
  • Watt Draw: 30 Watts
  • NOTE: Please make sure the bike has the necessary power available.
    • On bikes that have a regulated thermostatically controlled harness (this includes all new KTM and Husqvarna EFI 2 strokes), you will need to install the included wire harness back to the battery and attach the fan kit to that wire harness.

Here are the key features making the Trail Tech Fan Kit a must-have in your off-road arsenal:

  • High Quality Construction: The fan itself is top quality, made from durable high-impact plastic with exceptional air flow, the bracket is made from high quality black coated steel, and the wiring harness is constructed with weather-resistant materials to stand up to even the toughest conditions.
  • Easy Installation: Worried that adding a fan to your bike will be a complicated, time-consuming process? With the Trail Tech Fan Kit, you don't have to be. Our model-specific fan kits mount easily to your bike's factory mounting points on the OEM radiator. Plus, it's compatible with Trail Tech Radiator Guards, allowing you to protect your investment from damage while you ride.
  • Enhanced Cooling: The fan is designed to provide maximum airflow to your bike's radiator, helping to keep your engine running cooler and more efficiently. This can help prevent overheating and engine damage.
  • Automatic Activation: The Trail Tech Fan Kit automatically activates the fan at the temperature that you select to keep your engine at the optimum temperature range for your riding situation. The temperature sensor easily mounts in between your radiator's cooling fins. You don’t have to splice any coolant lines.
  • Wiring Harness: The Trail Tech Fan Kit comes with an included high-quality wiring harness and a low 30-watt power draw. Make sure your bike has the necessary power available to keep your bike running cool on slow, technical trails.
  • Model Specific: The Trail Tech Fan Kit is designed to fit with stock radiator, and gas tank. The kit contains everything you need for installation, including model-specific instructions. You won't have to worry about cutting fluid lines, as the temperature sensor fits between radiator fins. The provided wiring harness runs to the battery and includes a fuse.
  • Enhanced Safety: Overheating can be dangerous, especially when you're far from civilization. When your engine is running at the right temperature, it will perform at its best. Keep your engine cool and avoid difficult riding situations. Enjoy your ride with peace of mind.