What’s the difference between a Monimoto 7 and Monimoto 9?

What’s the difference between a Monimoto 7 and Monimoto 9?

Leading smart security systems brand, Monimoto have released the Monimoto 9 — an updated version of their flagship Monimoto 7. So, what’s the difference between the Monimoto 7 and Monimoto 9? And which one should you buy?  

A brief history of Monimoto and motorcycle smart security systems 

Since 2017, the Monimoto brand has been making a name for itself in smart bike security systems. If you’re searching for a security device for your bike, you may have already heard of the European brand.   

Monimoto made a splash with their highly compact and reliable Monimoto 7 system, which became their flagship asset and quickly turned them into an industry leader.  


Enter the Monimoto 9 — a product of innovation 

But Monimoto didn’t rest on their laurels, they kept innovating, developing new technology that gave birth to the Monimoto 9.  

Like the Monimoto 7, the Monimoto 9 provides real-time tracking in case of theft or unauthorised movement of your bike. Wireless and easily installed without professional assistance, it monitors the location of your motorcycle and sends notifications to your smartphone via the Monimoto app.  

Both Monimoto 7 and 9 models use LTE-M (LTE Cat-M1) and 4G networks to ensure accurate tracking, on top of Bluetooth connectivity.  


What are the major differences between the Monimoto 7 and Monimoto 9? 

Here’s a quick rundown of the differences between the two products to help you decide. 


The Monimoto 9 is lighter and smaller 

At 58 grams (2.05 ounces), the Monimoto 9 transmitter is almost one third lighter than the Monimoto 7, which weighs 95 grams (3.35 ounces). The weight saving is negligible given how small the device is but it shows Monimoto’s drive to produce a sleeker and more compact product.  

And it’s not just weight the Monimoto 9 drops — it also boasts a leaner cut, measuring in at 93 × 39 × 15mm, while the Monimoto 7 is 94 x 61 x 19mm. Whilst not a huge reduction in size, these changes do mean a smaller unit which is easier to hide on your bike.  


How long does the Monimoto 9 battery last? 

The Monimoto 7 is incredibly energy efficient — it offers a fantastic battery life of 12–24 months without changing batteries.  

Meanwhile, the new Monimoto 9 does see a reduction in operation time, maxing out at 12 months. However, it does have another trick up its sleeve: rechargeability! 

It can even be wired directly into the bike to provide continuous power if you so choose. Keep in mind this option can shorten your bike battery’s life and may compromise waterproofness.   

The primary difference is the type of power that the two devices use. The Monimoto 7 uses two AA batteries, while Monimoto 9 uses a rechargeable 3.7V Li-Polymer battery (900mAh). The Monimoto 9 uses USB-C ports for charging, which are almost universal in any modern device.  

Charging time for the Monimoto 9 takes approximately 1.5 hours in temperatures over 15°C (and up to 6 hours in temperatures under 15°C).  

It comes down to a matter of preference — while the Monimoto 7 battery set-up obviously lasts longer than Monimoto 9, some riders will prefer the ability to charge a battery over having to buy and install AA batteries.  


Monimoto 7 vs Monimoto 9 waterproof rating 

Both the Monimoto 7 and its key fob are IP65 waterproof, making them durable enough to withstand the demands of any road condition or terrain. The IP65 rating means that they can resist dust, debris and water jets. 

Meanwhile, the Monimoto 9 boasts a higher rating at IP68 waterproof. Like most high-end smartphones, the Monimoto 9 is dustproof and can be submerged in water that’s four to six metres deep for up to 30 minutes. Unless you take your bike scuba diving, you’re assured that the Monimoto 9 can withstand the heaviest rain you’re likely to subject it to.  


How much does the Monimoto 9 subscription cost? 

At $79AUD, the annual GSM connectivity fee for the Monimoto 9 remains the same as the Monimoto 7. Subscription fees for the first two months after purchase are free, and you can manage and pay for the service via the Monimoto App. 


Will the Monimoto 7 still be supported? 

Still a popular device, the Monimoto 7 continues to be sold and supported for the foreseeable future. 


The verdict 

Users who want the latest model in a sleeker and rechargeable form should consider upgrading to the Monimoto 9. Nonetheless, the Monimoto 7 still offers great benefits and security.  

As both products are still reliable for most practical purposes, it all comes down to your personal preferences and needs. 


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