What Is The Whites Portable Tyre Pump?

What Is The Whites Portable Tyre Pump?

Simplify tyre inflation with the Whites Portable Tyre Pump. Our tyre inflator can be used to inflate your tyres, camping equipment or sports balls without breaking a sweat.

The Whites Portable Tyre Inflator is the ideal tool for roadside motorcycle repairs, workshop maintenance or camping. Included in the box is a Schrader valve attachment plus two additional nozzles, one for inflating various equipment (air beds, water-ski tubes etc) the other for sports balls.

Sweet, I’ve got one. Now how do I use this contraption? Don’t panic mate, follow our simple tips below and you’ll be away on your merry adventure in no time.

Step 1:

Make sure your pump is always in an accessible location, the last thing you want is to increase frustration after getting that flatty, by having to dig through bags, under chilly bins or gear when all you want to do is get the job done, relax and have some fun. Our pump is provided with a convenient felt pull-string bag for easy storage.

Step 2:

The Whites Tyre Inflator has two available options for operation, you can either plug it into your vehicles DC connector (cigarette lighter) or directly to the battery. Switching between the plugs is easy with the male/female connectors. When powering directly off the battery, ensure you identify the positive and negative terminals. Install the negative (black) terminal first, followed by the positive (red) – if setting up for permanent mounting use the terminal screws to fit the connectors onto your terminals – don’t shock yourself! After installing the terminals, you can leave them installed for future use with your inflator or battery charger/maintainer though you will require a plug cap to prevent water shorting the plug.

Step 3:

Now you’re connected to your power source, connect the power plug to the plug of the inflator and select the appropriate nozzle. Before starting your inflator check what your recommended tyre pressure is, this can be seen on the sidewall of your tyre or in your owners/workshop manual, most tyres will vary between 35-45psi.

Step 4:

Turn on your inflator and monitor the inflators gauge as the tyre is filled to prevent over inflation. Once it has reached the recommended pressure turn off the inflator. Unscrew the tube from your valve, reinstall your valve cap and store the pump away for another day. Now jump back on your bike and enjoy the ride or have a rest on your inflated air bed after all your ‘hard work’.


Do not exceed 30 minutes of continuous use.
After 30 minutes of use let the inflator cool for 20 minutes before continuing.
Operate away from flammable gases, liquids etc.
Prevent bends in the tube to improve airflow.
Keep vehicle running during use to prevent flattening your battery.
Keep the terminal plugs installed for future use with the inflator or battery charger/maintainers.