How To: Tyre Change Tutorial

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Have you been slowly watching your rubber wear away and dreading the upcoming tyre change? Or fed up with paying someone else to get it done for you because no matter what you've tried the job is an absolute nightmare? You're not alone, we've all been there as tyre levers went flying across the workshop in frustration to end up just doing it all over again because you've pinched the tube.

Check out the below video from Twisted Throttle as they take you through a simple, step by step process of changing your off-road or adventure tyres with ease.



No matter how good you are, you won't get far without the right tools for the job!

A great auxiliary tool for tyre irons when replacing off-road tyres and a must when installing tubes. Provides an easy way to push the tyre bead down into the drop centre of the rim on off-road wheels while using tyre irons to change the tyre. Slip the slot of the tool over the spoke and push the bead down on the opposite side of the tyre from your tyre irons. It will facilitate pulling the tyre over the edge of the rim allowing for easier and faster tyre removal and installation. No more fighting to keep the bead down while installing off-road tyres.
There's nothing worse than scratching your anodised rims and exposing that bright bare metal beneath. The Whites Rim Protectors are the ideal tool to protect your wheel and avoid damaging the rim surface while changing tyres or repairing tubes. Inbuilt cords prevent the rim protectors from getting lost inside the tyre are included for easy use.
The Whites 240mm Tyre Lever is the ideal tool for tyre changes, constructed with one tapered end for sliding between the rim and tyre and a curved end on the opposite side for getting a solid hold on the bead of the tyre. This tool makes for easy tyre/tube changes and repair. The 240mm design allows it to be stored in a bumbag or hydration pack for those emergency situations. The stainless steel construction provides exceptional strength, durability and corrosion resistance.
The Whites 16.5" Tyre Lever has a spoon type end and anti-slip handle design makes your tyre changing task easier. Constructed from heavy-duty Chromoly steel for excellent strength and an extra-long 16.5" design provides excellent leverage when installing/removing tyres or tubes.

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