Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect opportunity to get him the present he deserves, and fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best Father’s Day gifts for the motorcycle mad Dad.

Presents for the Dad that has everything already (well, everything within your budget of course) Putoline Oils provide him with everything he needs to sort those nagging maintenance tasks with ease. Putoline manufacturers every lubricant a motorcycle would ever need including engine & transmission oil, brake & suspension fluid, chain lubes, grease & more.

The best way to deter would-be thieves from making off with your Dad’s prized motorcycle Oxford’s Brute Force Ground Anchor can be mounted to any hard surface with its included Dyna bolts. Included balls are smashed into the hex heads after installation preventing the anchor being removed. The durable steel loop can be used with Oxford’s GP 8 chain lock to provide a brilliant anti-theft system. Go one step further with Oxford’s Quartz XA10 Alarm Disc Lock, a tough durable disc lock that inhibits motorcycle movement & sounds an ear-piercing alarm when moved.

Seeking a bargain on your Father’s Day present? Get your Dad the lid he deserves without busting the bank with LS2 clearance helmets – the same great helmet at an unbeatable price!

Whether you’re giving your helmet a fresh new look or wanting to battle the glaring sun, LS2 visors are the perfect low-cost present for your Dad this Father’s Day. A complete range of visors are available for most LS2 helmets, check them out now!

Your old man will look like the new kid on the block in these fresh threads. Oxford’s Kickback Shirts & Armourlite jeans provide a brilliant look & protection that enable your Dad to seamlessly transition from motorcycle to meeting, ideal for his daily commute or weekend wondering.

Where’s the disadvantage in additional comfort? Gel Seats provide the relief your Dad is after on those extra-long rides or the perfect remedy for his unreasonably uncomfortable motorcycle seat. A non-slip surface keeps him in place while a secure strap system prevents the Gel Seat slipping around atop the original. Multiple shapes & sizes are available ensuring a great fit no matter what he rides.