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Gorillas Grip Tie Downs

Gorillas Grip Tie Downs are manufactured in Australia from Australian products.

We demand the quality in our components that our customers expect. And we expect our tie downs to last a long time and be serviceable and functional when carrying your pride and joy. We don’t make tie downs to a price, we make them to the quality they should be, and our record of zero warranty claims is a testament to that.

Superbly packaged and presented for retail sale, Gorillas Grip products provide the retailer with a complete range of products to offer the consumer. Eliminating the need to stock bits and pieces of restraints that only confuse the customer and look untidy. All Gorillas Grip packaging is uniformly sized and color coded so you can keep your stock under control at all times. Our Motorcycle tie downs are 2.1 metres in length for even the longest applications. 25mm, 38mm and 50mm webbing available, with standard configurations of double “S Hook” or “Snap Hook”.

“Special configurations made on request.