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BC Battery Controller - BC K900 EVO

The only battery charger compatible with Lead-Acid CAN-BUS and Lithium CAN-BUS batteries!

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Not only is BC K900 EVO ideal for the recovery, the charge and the maintenance of all motorcycle, scooter and ATV batteries, but it can be also used for the maintenance of car batteries.

It is designed to be always connected to the battery, without the need to disconnect the battery from the vehicle, You can even leave it for months, when bikes or cars are not used without any risks.

Selecting the programme is extremely easy, it is enough to push a button to choose one of the four available programmes. The operating mode appears on the LED bar and it is kept in memory for the next use.

The internal microprocessor automatically executes a multi-cycle charging algorithm (8 cycles for lead-acid batteries, 7 cycles for LiFePO4 batteries). The algorithm for lead-acid batteries allows the recovery of deeply discharged batteries(1,25 Volt), the charge, the desulfation and the maintenance of all 12V batteries (traditional, gel, sealed…) from 1,2 to 100 Ah.

The charging program LiFePO4 executes a fast and efficient charge, it balances the charge of each cell and it allows a perfect maintenance for long periods. Safety is guaranteed in each step: in case of low temperatures, detected by the integrated sensor, the charging mode POLAR turns on.

BC K900 EVO supplies a full 1 Amp current.

Two LEDs indicate the charging cycle and any operating anomalies to the user.

The device does not produce sparks and it is protected against short circuit, polarity inversion, overcharge and overheating.

The package includes a waterproof cable with eyelets, to be left always installed onboard of the vehicle, and a cable with isolated clamps. A 12/18 mm universal adapter is available as well (optional) to recharge the battery from the cigar-lighter socket.

Warranty up to 3 years.

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